Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dining room curtains and corinces

The before of the dining room: pretty bland!

Whipped up some curtains... (see how they match the colors in the pictures :) )

And cornices around the sliding door and the kitchen window:

Now so pretty and colorful

The cornices are Styrofoam, big sheets of insulation from the hardware store. I cut them to 6"x the length of the window plus a few inches. Then I cut two side pieces, 6"x5" for the door, 6"x3" for the kitchen window. The side pieces are affixed to the front with straight pins, some tacky glue, and a piece of tape. (very technical!).

The fabric, 9" wide, along with some thin batting, is wrapped tight around the Styrofoam and also attached with pins.

I saw a tutorial online that said you should make a sort of shelf with styrofoam and then the whole thing will just "set" on top of your window. Our door already has a plastic thing that went across the top, so we just taped it to that, and the one over the kitchen window is just wedged into the very narrow space between the window frame and the cupboards. It's not super professionally done, but you can't see it and hey, it's a rental!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First, the Austin Hoodie, for which Mom picked the color and I really like it! I was planning to go with grey, but this is all the store had enough of and she loved it, so I got it. I promised myself that I would just cast on and then get back to Jay, but then I wanted to see how the provisional cast-on made the rolled hem. So I did that, promising myself that I would then put this down. But I didn't do a gauge swatch, and I wanted to see, once I switched to the bigger needles, if I was on gauge or would have to frog. So I did just a couple of rows to check gauge, and it was on! ...then just a couple of rows more and now I have several inches and I swear I'm putting this down until at least after I get Jay done, as it is for Christmas, and then I really will work on the stuff for Mom and The Hubs....

I know some people have trouble knitting for themselves, but I tell you I really have trouble knitting for others! I must be a very selfish knitter! :)

In my defense, Jay is really a quick knit and is already halfway through, which I think is admirable since I knit the whole back in the 12-18mo size and then frogged after last seeing Logan since, at 9 months, he is straining the zippers on his clothes of that size. This is the 2 year size and if it doesn't fit, so help me, I'm finding another baby to give it to!

Lastly, the latest project in Operation: Decoration is curtains for the dining room to add color and cover up the hideous rental plastic blinds. I made one curtain yesterday and it took ALL DAY, even without lining, since I am an inexperienced sewer and I did all of the folding and pressing for the hem like a good girl, instead of my usual slap-dash approach. Now I have Second Curtain Syndrome, and we shall see if the other one gets done today.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My favorite activities with my favorite lady

My mom's birthday was yesterday. She came over and we headed out to the lovely Whitmore Lake Yarn Company to select yarn for Mom's Eastlake. (This was a process involving calling every yarn shop in a 1-hour radius to find one that carries Inca Gold. The few that carried did not have stock, so we had to settle for going to look at the color card, so we could at least see our colors Live and In Person).

I also bought some yummy peach-colored Opal yarn for my Austin Hoodie, and learned a provisional cast-on last night from this very nice resource. Wait! Wasn't I supposed to be finishing Logan's hoodie? Won't this mean that when the yarn arrives for The Hubbs' and Mom's sweaters, I'll be knitting three sweaters at once? Yes. Whoops....

Then we decorated the tiny fake tree, which made it all-around my Favorite Day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Snow! Oh! I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with Snow!"

It was coming down in fat flakes when I woke up...

Trying to be excited about it. We were lucky with a very mild fall, but that's all over now. I experienced a lessening of my seasonal depression in Nebraska because the sun shines there all winter. I'm a bit wary to see how it will be back here in the land of the clouds. For now, though, it's untouched and pretty.

And speaking of recycling, these shelves were made by my dad and had been in the hallway leading to my room at my parents' house as long as I can remember. They migrated to Omaha with us, and now they too are Michiganders again, and The Hubbs has painted them green for me to add some spark to the office.

We sent our books away to live in my brother's basement when we put our house on the market (16 months ago!) and they're finally back! I missed you, books! Putting them back up was more of a pleasure than I can say.